Romali has worked as a Personal Assistant for the past two years after looking for an opportunity to do something she could do in an area where people were likely to b needed for a few hours close to her home. She values the relationship she’s been able to build with the young person she cares for and the difference the ordinary moments they share together make.

“From the beginning, I took this job with the intention of building a relationship with the young person I was supporting and wanting to stay around. Being a Personal Assistant means I can be with the person I’m supporting for the long-term and build that relationship with both him and his family.

“One of the things I love most about the role is the chance I have to provide support in a variety of opportunities and experiences. I usually work on a Saturday afternoon but sometimes do extra hours if we’re doing something for a full day. During the school holidays, when I have a bit more time, I also sometimes work extra hours then to support him. The flexibility is one of the things I enjoy about my job as a PA.

“I also really value the trusting relationships I’ve built up with Ben and his family. I’ve grown in confidence as I’ve got to know him, and he seems to also like me. Being in the role of PA means I can support Ben to push himself and try out new things to gain more independence.

“With a busy life, I’ve found my work as a PA truly rewarding and I plan to continue providing support for the foreseeable future.”

Romali’s advice to people looking to apply for an adult social care position:

“The positives of this work far outweigh any negatives. You get the opportunity to transform someone’s day and build truly lasting relationships.

“In my opinion, this offers job satisfaction and a meaningful impact both the person I support and myself.”