Emma & Carol 

Emma is a blogger and content creator who shares her experiences of living with a disability. Emma has worked with personal assistants for many years, developing a special bond with them. Emma works with three personals assistants and enjoys a range of activities with their support. Here she’s enjoying a day out ziplining with her personal assistant, Carol, in the Scottish countryside.

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Emma & Carol 

They both also enjoy taking the time to grab a cuppa and catch-up, trying different places to find the best coffee and cake on offer.

Emma and Carol

After coffee, Emma and care assistant Carol, enjoy a wander around the shops to pick up home décor pieces or travel essentials before Emma’s next trip.

Emma & Allan

When the Scottish weather allows, Emma and care assistant Allan explore their local nature parks in the Stirlingshire area, discovering the native wildlife and new routes.

Craig & Jim

Jim’s been working at Leuchie House for 18 years now as a Senior Care Practitioner. Pictured together here with Craig, Jim has enjoyed the host of opportunities and progression offered to him through his role while Craig has enjoyed the deep bond the pair have forged thanks to their caring relationship. Jim and Craig often enjoy their quality time together, putting their minds to the test and solving puzzles.

John & Louise 

Louise developed her specialism in physiotherapy during her career in adult social care. Getting to know people and their stories is a great part of the job role, and something that Louise and John regularly enjoy as they catch-up and share a laugh.

Alec & Katie

Katie considers her job to be extremely rewarding as she has the opportunity to chat with a variety of people and provide them support that makes their life that little bit easier. Katie helps Alec to use his iPad with an adapted pen that allows Alec to swipe through news articles and message friends and keep in touch with family.

Kirsty & Katie

Exercise is important to everyone’s overall health, Katie and Kirsty are often spotted out in the gardens for a walk to keep fit and breathe in the fresh sea air.

Jean & Stevie

Stevie works as a Driver at Leuchie House and helps transport residents on regular days out. From trips to the seaside or a simple visit to the shops, he loves the rewarding nature of the job and the smile he’s able to put on people’s faces each day.

Margaret & Alica

Massage and a catch up, what could be better? Not only are massages beneficial in terms of physiological effects like heightened tissue temperature, endorphin release, and improved tissue elasticity, they also provide a moment of relaxation. Margaret always enjoys one of Alicia’s massages, she works her magic while cracking jokes.

Kirsty & Alexandra

Alexandra is a volunteer providing residents with art and craft sessions. Kirsty enjoys attending Alexandra’s art therapy sessions, letting her creativity flow through the creation of fun pieces of artwork.

Margaret & Louise

Taking inspiration from her dad, Jim, Louise has a passion for helping others and making a positive impact on their daily life. She began volunteering in adult social care when she was younger and before choosing to work in adult social care. There is nothing more that Louise loves than getting to speak with the residents of Leuchie House to share conversation, laughter and hearing their wisdom.

“If someone has a genuine passion for helping others and making a positive difference in their lives, a role in adult social care is for you”