Julie George spent several years prior to starting her career in adult social care, working in a bar.

“I worked for 18 years in a bar, but I always knew that I was a caring person who has a talent for fixing problems and helping others. I started considering a career change after I started talking to colleagues from my current care company who visited the bar. I used to ask them so many questions, just to see what that kind of work was like.

“Initially, I put off quitting my job and exploring a career in adult social care because the prospect of change frightened me. But now that I’ve done it, I’m very happy that I made the decision and I’ve not looked back.

“Being able to help someone have a better life, not only makes the person you’re caring for feel good, but feel good in yourself. I find so much satisfaction in making someone else’s life nicer to live. By doing something small, you can make someone’s day, and I think that’s really special.

“The amount of knowledge you gain through training is so valuable. You learn skills in communication and general care know-how that you wouldn’t pick up otherwise. There is always room to learn more, and progress in your career, which is so important.”

Julie’s advice to people looking to apply for an adult social care position:

“My only wish is that I’d started my career in care sooner. If you have an open mind, if you feel like you’ve got a caring nature or the urge to help others, then go for it! It makes such a difference, not just in other’s lives, but your own as well. It’s such enjoyable work, and you receive great training and a huge amount of support all the way through. I couldn’t encourage people more, just give it a go.”