Holly Wren is a 22-year-old Community Living Assistant for Capability Scotland.

Holly has found a passion for care since starting work in the sector three years ago. She’s now urging others to discover a similar love and enjoyment from their careers by starting their own career in adult social care.
“I started working in care when I was 19 and did a mixture of work within people’s homes and at care homes for around a year or so.
“I really enjoyed this experience and was then lucky enough to find a role I absolutely love with Capability Scotland. My day-to-day varies which is something I relish as you get to do so many different activities to help people and them enjoy their days in various ways.

“There’s lots of opportunities for growth if you want that as well, which is a real positive for me. You feel supported in the role with not only a great team around you, but lots of training to take advantage off at a pace that suits your own aims.

“A big thing for me is not only the bond you make with the people you care for, but all their families. You start to feel a real part of the family and it’s amazing to see the love they develop for you as well as you provide that extra support for them as well.

“When I initially told people I was thinking of starting my career in care, some said I’m too emotional and it wouldn’t work out. But actually, I’ve realised that it’s actually a strength and being empathetic and understanding of people’s emotions and how they’re feeling is a huge benefit in this job.

“Like any job, it can have its challenges at times but the big difference working in adult social care is that the positives far outweigh any negatives. You get a job satisfaction unlike any other role. I actually wake up looking forward to coming in and can truly say I love my job.”

Holly’s advice to people looking to apply for an adult social care position:

“My advice to anyone considering a role in adult social care is to just go for it. I’ve not looked back and I’m sure there’s so many other people out there could transform their lives to do something they actually love by starting a career in care.”