Nnena Mckenzie got involved in care work at the end of the first lockdown. Two of her close friends were diagnosed with cancer and Nnena was keen to find out what she could do to help. After finding a local job posting, Nnena found that she thoroughly enjoyed working in the care sector.

“I saw a care job opportunity online and decided to just go for it. I used to work in finance, but after a while I realised the industry just wasn’t for me. In adult social care, the staff really care about each other and companies tend to really look after their employees, which can be rare in a lot of workplaces. The way you are able to give back to your community and help others is very rewarding.

“I won’t lie, it is a difficult job – early mornings, you’re on your feet all day – but the company and the people are great. A lot of my clients are elderly, and I find they have so much wisdom and it gives me a lot of comfort to be around them.

“Every day, I look forward to working. Care work is letting people live with dignity, with independence, in a way they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. You get to be part of a community and experience people in a much more personal way.

“You also get to learn so much and gain qualifications while you learn. The learning is done mostly online and it’s nothing like sitting exams. The information is easy to understand and digest, and it’s knowledge you can transfer to so many different parts of your life.”

Nnena’s advice to people looking to apply for an adult social care position:

“I think if you’re interested in doing care work, you need to be realistic about what it entails, but also be open-minded because you’ll be surprised with what you might find. This job can be so rewarding for all different kinds of people. The hours fly by because the work is so engrossing and enjoyable. You gain great experience and so many useful skills that you can carry with you forever.”